Monday, May 7, 2007

Scrap Hangover

Ok, Whew!! Monday is here, what a weekend. I did it!! I completed 8 layouts for a contest at and had so much fun! It was a crazy weekend and aside from Luke getting the stomache flu on Saturday, we had a fun time. I still need to take some pics of my garage sale stuff. But for now here is a rundown.

booster chair $3
sand box $3
Luke's spring wardrobe $9
dress and shoes for Ella $4
scrap supplies $3.75
clothes for Jed $1.50

I still really need stuff for Ella but could find NOTHING in her size.

So now it is monday and I am glad to be finished with scrap projects. Today I have lofty cleaning plans! I need to do a few loads of laundry and fold and put it all away. I have the dishes going and things mostly picked up, so I am making progress.

OK, here is a question of the day:
Name this movie:
"Pop quiz hot shot, theres a bomb on a bus, what do you do? what do you do?"


Stephanie said...

Movie= Speed?

Are garage sales as prevalent up there as they are down here? Last week there were over 250 garage sales!!!

Erick said...

The post should really read:
Booster chair $3
Sand box $3
Luke's spring wardrobe $9
Dress and shoes for Ella $4
Scrap supplies $3.75
Clothes for Jed $1.50

My husband pulling out his hair because I made him go garage sale-ing with me and he goes nuts because I take forver looking at things on purpose because I know it drives him crazy...PRICELESS

Answer to question of the day...Speed

Erick said...
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Stephanie said...

I would NEVER take Ian garage sale-ing with me. He's bad enough when we go to Walmart. If the ketchup is 10 dollars so be it. He just wants to get out of the store ASAP. I just don't get it???