Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here is a little something I have been working on. Digital downloads for Project Life type scrapbooking or journaling. You can buy them in my Etsy shop. These are so fun and quick to make.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I have signed up as a Scentsy Independent Consultant and I AM loving it! The products are amazing, the compensation plan is fabulous, and I am excited that I can even do fundraisers and charity work through their program. I am so excited to see where this goes.

 You can visit my website and order any time at You can also drop me an email or call to order. Just choose an active party and shop! Holler if you have questions.

Of course I am also still working part time in the marketing dept of a Credit Union, subbing occasionally in the elementary schools, and building my home Graphic Design business! Eventually I will streamline all these things!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peek A Boo.

I should blog. But really. Facebook transformed my ability to blog into facebook posts. Sorry blogger. I won't even say I'm going to try harder. I am just going to think about trying.

I have actually had this blog post forming in my head the last few days. I didn't feel like putting it on Facebook because that's a different audience.

I'm thinking about my little girl lately. Though, she's 9. Not so little.

She's in a musical. Not just in a musical, has a lead part. She amazes me. She is fearless and brave, and smart and sassy, and funny and entertaining. She is mostly Erick, and his mom, with a few streaks of my emotions here and there. She is blazing a trail through life. Sometimes she does things and I feel embarrassed. Not because she is embarrassing-but because if I did those things at her age, I would have felt embarrassed. I am glad she is not this way.

She was a peer model back in preschool. She was surrounded by classmates with special needs. She was the example of appropriate behavior. She did very well, had fun, and made some fun little friends. At the little age of 4, I had a teacher of hers tell me, "Someday someone will break her spirit. She will eventually be told to be quiet. So it will be good for her to learn that now, there is a time and a place for noise." This teacher was trying to help. Sort of a warning, sort of advice, sort of cautionary information. I wasn't bothered. But I never forgot.

I am so grateful for this opportunity that Ella has now. I believe this sort of creative, loud, attention grabbing outlet is exactly what will keep her giant spirit alive. No crushing of spirits here. Only encouragement, love, and support. She's not too concerned with being the best. She enjoys all the elements of being in a production: the music, dancing, new friends, and going to practices. She doesn't seem to get overly tired. She has even moved into taking constructive criticism incredibly well. She didn't at first. But now she does.

I hope I can help her keep this going. I hope I can help encourage her to find those things that bring her joy. I once was brave. I once enjoyed performing. Now I enjoy watching her be amazing. And fearless. Always fearless. (Except at waterparks)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspired Words Weekend

This weekend is General Conference, which I love. So for 4 hours today I watched, listened and snoozed during wonderful words of council and encouragement from various leaders in our church. All from the comfort of my bed! The kids came in and out, Erick ran errands and entertained kids, and napped, and I snuggled with my puppy.

The inspired words continue tomorrow in two, two-hour blocks. You can watch or listen here.  When conference is over, you can even go to that link and read the talks or listen again.

There are many worldly issues of concern on my mind lately, and I feel uplifted and reminded of why I love this church and all it stands for. I am thankful for my little family, and the gift they are to me. I am thankful for a loving Savior who has given us all an example to follow.

With a full heart I am off to enjoy the nature of the earth... Thats poetic code for pulling weeds!! :) I am determined to make the yard here look better than it was when we moved in. I don't think the owners care much for yard work. I think they bought this place as an investment for rental income. Thats ok, I love it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Abbey Snuggles

This is Abbey Snuggles. She has grown a lot since these pictures were taken. She was about 2-3lbs when we got her at barely 6 weeks old, and now she is 12 weeks and 6lbs. She was gifted to us from a friend who owns both parents so we can keep tabs on her parents and their health and vice versa. She also gets to play with her brothers once in a while. She was the only girl in a litter of 7!

Her mom is a Labrador Chihuahua Mix?? I know, weird. And her dad is a super cute Shih tzu Poodle mix. We were hoping she would look like her dad. She has some curly hair. But her body and ears are all Retriever to me. We have no clue how much bigger she is going to get, not much I think. 

She is super sweet and Jed is in love with her. I have had many moments of second guessing this decision, but when it comes to Jed (well any of the kids!) I am sold. He has been a huge help taking care of her and Ella does well too. Luke is not interested in her very much because she nips a little. 

She makes Daisy crazy, but Daisy is actually more active with the puppy around (getting up to avoid being climbed on, sat on, sniffed or hair tugged). I took them both for a 15 minute walk this morning. It was perfect for them. They are actually pretty close in speed. Abbey has super short legs since shes so small, and Daisy is like, 100 years old. So they both were done after the 15 minutes. :)

Also, puppies are more work than when we had Daisy- no kids, 11 years younger, yah. Im tired.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Spring has sprung in Utah! It's so enjoyable here at our new place. Daffodils in bloom, incredible sunshine, and kids outside with neighborhood friends.

I have been working on our front yard. The owners didn't really invest much time in it so there is some clean-up to be done. We might even attempt a vegetable garden this summer.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bits of the House.

 Above: Unfinished storage space. This was a huge selling point for us, so we can get the rest of our belongings from Indiana now! Yay.
Below: Blurry kids in the family room, loving the space to run! This is where we will put our couch and tv.

 Above: Kitchen. Look, now no one will bump into me while I load the dishwasher! Amazing. Door leads to backyard. I will have to get some pics of the backyard. Its awesome!
Below: Eating area

 Above: Living room. We have zero furniture for this room. I might put a desk in there for my computer, or just shop around for some new things!! 
Below: Kitchen leading to family room. The carpet is a pretty chocolate color. Off of this family room is a 4th bedroom, laundry, and unfinished bath. The owners will finish the bathroom if we want, if we sign on for a second year.

 Above: Master bedroom. This bedroom is bigger than our current bedroom and laid out nicely. Has a nice big garden tub and walk in closet. 
Below: Some of the front yard-and Luke. Lots of landscaping already, so it will be nice to see it all come in this spring. I think we have tulips coming up already.
so, there are some bits of the new place! We officially can move in on Friday, and will do some Friday and some Saturday. We are stoked about this new change. Neighbors have already come around and introduced themselves, and the weather all week is going to be in the 60's. Perfect time to move. 

Happy Spring!