Thursday, April 4, 2013

Abbey Snuggles

This is Abbey Snuggles. She has grown a lot since these pictures were taken. She was about 2-3lbs when we got her at barely 6 weeks old, and now she is 12 weeks and 6lbs. She was gifted to us from a friend who owns both parents so we can keep tabs on her parents and their health and vice versa. She also gets to play with her brothers once in a while. She was the only girl in a litter of 7!

Her mom is a Labrador Chihuahua Mix?? I know, weird. And her dad is a super cute Shih tzu Poodle mix. We were hoping she would look like her dad. She has some curly hair. But her body and ears are all Retriever to me. We have no clue how much bigger she is going to get, not much I think. 

She is super sweet and Jed is in love with her. I have had many moments of second guessing this decision, but when it comes to Jed (well any of the kids!) I am sold. He has been a huge help taking care of her and Ella does well too. Luke is not interested in her very much because she nips a little. 

She makes Daisy crazy, but Daisy is actually more active with the puppy around (getting up to avoid being climbed on, sat on, sniffed or hair tugged). I took them both for a 15 minute walk this morning. It was perfect for them. They are actually pretty close in speed. Abbey has super short legs since shes so small, and Daisy is like, 100 years old. So they both were done after the 15 minutes. :)

Also, puppies are more work than when we had Daisy- no kids, 11 years younger, yah. Im tired.

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