Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspired Words Weekend

This weekend is General Conference, which I love. So for 4 hours today I watched, listened and snoozed during wonderful words of council and encouragement from various leaders in our church. All from the comfort of my bed! The kids came in and out, Erick ran errands and entertained kids, and napped, and I snuggled with my puppy.

The inspired words continue tomorrow in two, two-hour blocks. You can watch or listen here.  When conference is over, you can even go to that link and read the talks or listen again.

There are many worldly issues of concern on my mind lately, and I feel uplifted and reminded of why I love this church and all it stands for. I am thankful for my little family, and the gift they are to me. I am thankful for a loving Savior who has given us all an example to follow.

With a full heart I am off to enjoy the nature of the earth... Thats poetic code for pulling weeds!! :) I am determined to make the yard here look better than it was when we moved in. I don't think the owners care much for yard work. I think they bought this place as an investment for rental income. Thats ok, I love it!

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