Friday, June 1, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Bo Bunny...


Well the good this week is that I won a RAK challenge... until I became a blogger I had no idea what that was. Random Act of Kindness. I won the drawing my memorial day card was entered in... Sooo awesome!! I look forward to getting those goodies. Everyone else really did fabulous cards!

The bad this week is that we discovered mold in both of the kids bedrooms under the windows. We had an inspector check it out. We had good news that it appeared to not be as bad as previously thought. Yay!! There is still lots of cleanup to do this weekend, but it will not cost as much and will go a little more quickly. Whew... sigh of relief.

The Bo Bunny is the other contest I won at CMK this week too!!! Also a random drawing and I am so excited!! I made 6 or 7 entries!! Wow got all that work done. Yay!!

Now the funny thing is, there was a minor situation... and instead of getting the bo bunny products I get a $25 GC...which I am honestly so pumped I just got done using A LOT of Bo Bunny stuff... cant wait to shop!! So I have some positive things going on right now.


Stephanie said...

What is Bo Bunny?

Becca said...

It is a brand/company that makes scrapbook supplies. so the contest I entered I had to use their products.