Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Sunday


Ok, well today I scrapped this morning and made us late for church. Ha. So funny. Oops. Church doesnt start until 12:30 (wierd) so the kids are all taking naps anyway. But I had fun and entered a couple challenges. The one pictured is for a challenge to use a color in the title and have it rhyme.

So I had a lot of fun because I have been wanting to do this pic of Ella. I am also ready for bedtime. The kids and I need a break from each other. Maybe I will get some fun blog mojo this week. I want to put a video on my blog. Steph, did you like that website you used for the rock band video you have on your blog? Trying to decide if I want to put it on Ytube. Its very funny but its the kids. hmm...

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Stephanie said...

Yes I did like that website. I would like to see your video!