Wednesday, July 18, 2007

25 Reasons Your Kids Love You

Ok, my friend Dustanne gave this challenge at our fun site, Paper Popsicles. She is going to do a blog challenge regularly, so check back for more fun bloggin. I am going to recuit Jed and Ella's help on this one!!

25 Reasons My Kids Love Me
1. Well, sometimes I get mad and I dont want to take naps(Jed)
2. Because I love you(Ella)
3. Today I sprayed a giant yellow jacket nest in our grill so Jed could play in the sandbox
4. Last night Ella got out of bed just before 10pm and had no pants on. She used the potty. We let her stay up late.
5. I will gladly change a diaper now that I bought Chamomile and Green Tea scented wet wipes.
6. I trim hair a little better than Ella.
7. Brownies for breakfast is not a crime.
8. I can draw a picture of a rocket, a space man, a dinosaur, a bear, and the Silver Surfer
9. I am happy to watch Christmas movies in July
10. I have vowed to NEVER wake up my children when they decide to sleep in on Saturdays.
11. Picnics are cool.
12. You dont have to finish your plate (just dont ask for more)
13. We have 2nd breakfast
14. You let me play outside(Jed)
15. I am making hot chocolate and I dont care that its 85 degrees out.
16. I love a good snuggle(waddle as Ella would say)
17. I can read a book 6 times in a row before feeling bored.
18. Rockin out to 'Go Diego, Go' is fun!
19. Blanket tents rule.
20. I love to sing silly songs.
21. Because you give me kisses and hugs(Jed)
22. And cause you got me those crackers(Jed again)
23. Pileup is fun!
24. I know the names of many misc. fictional characters
25. because I LOVE THEM!


Dustanne said...

I love it Becca!!!!
I see you know how to link up the words....rock on!

Stephanie said...

Love the list. I made hot chocolate the other day too. We are just weird!!!

Valery said...

Love this Becca!!!! Makes me remember back when my son was younger....blanket tents (we still do these!!).

Enjoy those I see a layout done with already have the journaling done!!!