Monday, July 2, 2007

Didn't Win This One

Well I had hoped to maybe win this contest, but, sigh... didn't happen. I had so much fun making this project and I love how it turned out, so I think that is what counts! The contest was at CMK for June, using Pageframes products. The pageframes are the 3 in circles I used. They are a lot of fun to work with, they are clear and you can punch holes in them. Very cool.


Amie said...

OK Becca, I haven't forgotten about you, I have your RAK all set out with your address near it, I just need to put it in something and ship it!! Sorry, you know things have been busy...I'll try really hard to get it out next week!

Stephanie said...

So sad. Maybe next time you can stick a 20 dollar bill under it and get better results. ;)