Friday, September 7, 2007


I love fridays. I really do. I love the idea of not worrying about what we do in the evening. I think that comes from the ole school days of sleepovers, movies, and fun. We have no plans, we've been to the grocery store, and we have a busy day tomorrow. So tonight feels like a good relaxing evening. I also love the fact that Erick is coming home and will be home for a couple days! I have not been in a bloggy mood. Who knows why. I have done a few scrappy pages and I am in the middle of helping to plan a super fun cyber crop for Paper Popsicles in October. Here are a couple pics of the kids. We were invited to Gma and Papa Henrie's in Fort Wayne for the weekend. They treated Jed with a brand new big boy bike. It was nice to go down and visit, we dont get to do that much.
Today I took the kids on a walk to a nearby store. We got random stuff, coloring books, scotch tape, a needle and thread. We found some catepillars along the road. So funny, this is the same road that started our summer of toads. They were huge and tickly and I sure wished I had my camera! Gonna have to learn to remember. We brought them home and sent them up our big ole tree. When Ella got up from her nap she came right to me and said, "mommy, our catepillars are going to turn into butterflies!" oh, ok, Ella, thanks for letting me know. Her sentence structure dumbfounds me sometimes. The other day Jed told me, "Mom, I didnt know you were a fly catcher!" Oh right, need to update my resume. I told him there are all kinds of things I can do just because Im a mom! (ooh scrap page idea!!)
Enjoy your weekend! Do something for yourself. I painted my nails. That was fun. Now Ella wants hers done. I bought her a pail pink bottle at the store today and gave her a potty chart with stickers. I told her, fill it up, I will paint your nails. She has been an allstar all day, and has not let go of the bottle for about 3 hours...Im not kidding!


arlsmom said...

cute the new blog look becca!!

Sheila said...

Love your photos! Also your new look!

Emily said...

It was good seeing you in FW. Glad you got your nails done! Good luck with the potty training!