Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Business

So I have an online friend who has started her own business. She makes her own acrylic stamps! They are too cute. You can buy them from Paper Popsicles so check them out here! They are the Stampin Up A Dream stamps! Be sure to view both pages. Congrats Sheila on your success! I am so proud of you!

My family has had a nasty flu since the weekend. So annoying to just not feel good. The kids are all better, and Erick is getting there. I on the other hand, am so congested. Ugh. Also, we had to get our oven repaired, only to find out it cant really be repaired, and will cost less "probably" to replace the dang thing. Can you say money pit? This is really annoying me. But alas, it is a small thing compared to the trials of some.

Because of our colds, I spent the weekend holed up in the house, much like the rest of my week, ahahaha, so what did I do? Scrapped of course! Here are a few things I did for the weeklong crop at Savvy N Sassy. I didnt win the grand prize, I didnt win anything, but I sure had fun and got a lot of pages done! Enjoy.

***Edited to add that I did in fact win 3 prizes!! woah momma!***

And for you Steph, how about a blast from the past! Look at our cutie betrothed lovebirds! Long Long ago. This is my 5 yr old Jed, and his little buddy Eva, we tortured them with a "valentine" photo shoot! How dang cute is that!! They were not 2 yet, and I remember Jed just leaning over and putting his arms around his friend. Click. Moment Captured.


Valery said...

OMGosh these are so adorable!!! You are so talented!!!

I am so proud of Miss Sheila also!!!!

Sheila said...

Thank you for the support! You ladies are wonderful!!!

I love your layouts Becca!! the one of Jed and his girl are adorable!!!!

arlsmom said...

Great work Becca!!! Love how you mix things up on your layouts!


Stephanie said...

That is seriously the cutest picture ever! They will cherish even more when they get married someday! :)

Amie said...

great work Becca! Your Jed page is soooo cute!

Laura said...

Great work on the scrap pages. For the holidays I am making 100's of cards to give to family & friends as gifts this year so I haven't been scrapping much.