Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Crop!

Well I updated my blog playlist with a few fun Christmas songs. Steph, I even have a Christmas song by Emery, check it out! I am trying them out this week as part of the super fun online crop over at Savvy N Sassy. All the challenges and mini classes are up and we have all week to make our projects! Lots of time means I can surely get a few things done! So far I made these cute little sketch books and a Christmas Tree Card. Now, I think my card turned out looking more like a cake. But, whatever, its still cute. And I will swap out my playlist at the end of next week and put on some non holiday tunes for awhile before Christmas.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I also got to play this week with the Doodle Kit from Paper Popsicles. I used the kit to do a couple layouts and a Piggy Tales Flap book.
Despite what some have speculated, I did not stage my kids in this shot! Their idea, I promise.
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This CUTE layout of Ella was for a challenge over at Paper Popsicles to try hand cutting some paper. I cut my photo corners by hand.
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I used some older photos from a trip to Cedar Point several years ago. This was a fun kit because it stretched my creativity and working with the book was fun too.
The title is be careful what you wish for. My dad had been asking for years to take his 3 girls to Cedar Point. So we tried to warn him to be careful what he wished for, he just might get it!
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Ride On!
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Sorry about the shadow on the photo, I had a hovering helper.
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What Happens At Cedar Point stays at...
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The First Aid Station! (and yes, that is my dad, taking a NAP at a world famous amusement park!But don't tell.
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And for you bloggy pals who don't care so much about my scrapping as you do my adorable family, I give you Luke, my baby. Who is just not so small anymore. Think he looks like me??? (say yes!)
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My name is Samantha said...

Becca, great blog!!! Love all the projects you have posted!!

arlsmom said...

Great projects for the crop becca!!

You are rockin the PP kit too!!!

(and yes...I do think he looks like you!)


Kelly said...

I like all your projects, Becca. You are getting really creative. You'll have to rub off on me when I start back into scrapbooking. And your kids are darling too even if they don't all look like you. You get some credit for that because you're the mom. :-)

Tricia said...

Wow you have been so busy with projects! Great work!!!!!!!! You rock Becca!!!

ellen said...

great projects!!! love them!

Valery said...

Love you work girlie!!! That picture of your son is awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with that!

janet said...

Hi Becca! All the projects you posted look awesome! Great work! Your blog looks great! Hope you are going well!

Chris said...

Becca, you are a professional!
Kristy--not Chris said...
I laughed at the picture of the kids in the dryer. I put Carter in the dryer last week for the first time. Again HIS idea. He was hiding from dad, but then he must have gotten excited cause he peed his pants!

Luke does actually look like you. So cute.

Stephanie said...

Hey! I'm back. I do really like the song. You're projects are very impressive! I write in that journal thing you gave me all the time.

BTW- You were the first person to give me an amen and I laughed my head off!!!!

Sheila said...

I'm loving your layouts!!! and the books too cool!

Stephanie said...

All I remember is driving home from Cedar Point and wanting a baked potato and something about slushies. Why couldn't I get a baked potato???

Stephanie said...

Oh and I like the card with the tree on it.