Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grateful Sunday (borrowed title from my bloggy pal Emily)

We had a very nice Sunday at church. Erick got to give a talk, and by got to, I mean the loony bird volunteered. So right after sacrament meeting started, the power zapped out and Erick got to give his talk in the dark, with no microphone. That was fun! He actually did very well, and I was proud of him and his opening jokes. I don't remember everything he said because much of my efforts were focused on our children not yelling out to him or picking on each other. Luke seemed to want to climb into the pew behind us for some reason. But Erick's comments related to some kind of game and even a flashlight for a visual aid. He did well and if there were no children in the chapel, everyone would have been able to hear him. It was a great talk, I do wish it had been easier to hear because his message was great. His topic was gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:
*Early bedtimes
*roaster ovens
*well planned and executed church prep time
*hot water
*great relief society teachers
*my sisters
*my cutie family
*2nd hand good from friends

And here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Erick's co-worker sent him home on Wednesday with a literal boatload of books for the kids. Most of them were barely read. The kids have had a hay day going through them all. There was something for everyone, Star Wars stuff for Erick, Boxcar Children for me, and of course lots of books for the kids!

Here we are getting ready to eat our feast on Thanksgiving.

My mom was able to make a visit to South Bend on Turkey day and spent a good 10 hours reading to children. Thanks mom!!

And of course, the first snow fall and the first round of playing in it!

I have to admit, my photography skills were very lacking over the holiday. Part of it is because there is something wrong with the batteries in my camera and I have to charge them constantly. And partly because it was just too dang relaxing to worry about photo ops for a change.


eMeLiNe said...

Cute children ! I need to be thankful about little things @ home too ... :)

Valery said...

I think those are priceless pictures!!! Didn't you just love waking up to snow??

Shannon Wyman said...

Your so lucky girl.. I wish I could get my hubby to GO to church! Love the pics!

arlsmom said...

Great post becca.... I am thanful for your friendship!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

About the talk thing...why did he volunteer? Did it go something like I'll give a talk if you don't give me a calling? That's so crazy about the lights! I'm surprised they continued church!

Laura said...

I'm so jealousy about the snow...we only got enough to leave footprints!!

Kelly said...

I thought Erick's talk was good too. He's quite a character. I was a little bummed the lights came back on. And I'm thankful for friends who will drive my kid home. Thanks, Becca.

My name is Samantha said...

Great pics, glad your mom was able to visit!!

Lucy said...

SO FUNNY about Erick's talk - he'd be my perfect choice for a electricity free Sacrament Meeting! :)

Kristy said...

Becca, thanks for visiting yesterday! Sorry about the circumstances though. It was great to get to know your kids better. And the fish is still alive! Less lively but hanging in there!!