Saturday, December 15, 2007

where did the week go?

What a total cutie! Here is an edited to perfection photo,
and one just for fun! Love my little girl! Is she not the cutest thing??
I cut her bangs a tad short, and let me say, I actually like the look!

Wow, I didn't blog this week. Oh well. I am so wrapped up in this current contest, my brain is toast. I am really enjoying it, it is just consuming my thoughts. Just as an update, we finished the 5th round, I am currently in the lead! Yippee! How exciting! Here is the layout I did. Can you believe I took this picture of Ella? I edited it and that is a new thing for me. I usually scrap my random, less good photographs! Who knew. I actually yelled at Jed for distracting her and making her look away... Then I go and use that picture. I am a bad mom. There are 2 more rounds to go. The 6th round involves a ribbon "tutorial" so I have a project going and I will be posting instructions here on my blog to share. I will say this, You don't have to be a scrapper to do this project. How cool is that? I have some non scrapper readers (thank you very much) and so I won't feel bad babbling about this particular project.

In other news: Giant snow storm moving across the midwest. They keep changing the accumulation numbers and considering there are only flurries right now, its hard to say what we will get. I am hoping for 10 inches. That should surely cover my grass and maybe even the turtle sandbox, and the dog doo, and the lawn chairs, and the pumpkins on the porch. I am in a festive, crafty mood, so I am going to continue on with my projects. If you are not busy, pop over to paper popsicles. We have a brand new site with a "real" gallery and a great message board. Register or re-register and say hello!


Laura said...

What a cutie!! Now that I have a digital camera I love just taking pictures of the kids.

Valery said...

Super cute photos of the kids!!!! I also love your layout!!!

Amie said...

wow, it's/she's gorgeous! Great picture, great layout, and I Love the short bang look on little girls. =)

Sheila said...

I love that photo and yes she is a cutie!!!

Sheila said...

I love the photo of your cutie pie daughter!!!

Kristy said...

In my professional opinion, I love the bangs! You have adorable children.