Saturday, January 12, 2008

I did not fall off the Planet

I am here, really. I just keep doing everything else but blog. Silly me. Perhaps it was a bit of blog burnout. I feel a bit refreshed. I am taking the time to update my music playlist. Which is a fun project because I love to play my blog music while cleaning or scrapping. So I realized I never did blog about our Christmas holiday. No pictures, nothing. Wierd. We were out of town, which was nice, but also crazy. The kids got sick, other traveling family members had insane "air travel" experiences. It was entertaining all in all. The kids loved having Christmas at Papa's and it was so wonderful to see everyone. So without further ado, here are a few random photos. I was not on my best photographer behavior because we were all under the weather and my batteries on my digital camera need an attitude change.

Notice Jed's wild devil Christmas morning hair! ahahaha!!

Luke insisted on bringing every present to Papa to help him open. It was very cute. And for all those concerned readers out there, this is Erick's sweet dad who continues to recover well from his heart surgery! It was great to see him and spend time with him and the whole family!

Here is Ella opening her "realfur" cat that she asked Santa for. Except now she keeps saying she still wants the realfur cat from the store. Aparently Santa didn't get the right thing. We keep telling her Santa went to walmart and got her the "cat from the store" but she is not buying it. Speaking of which, she is not really playing with it all that much either. Thank goodness it was from Santa. Geesh.

After Christmas my dad and stepmom came to town and the kids had fun getting treasures from them.

I thought Luke's little toes were so dang cute under his big present!

So there you go, our holiday! Whew. Off to finish my music so I can put it up on the ole bloggy.


Lucy said...

Go COlts!!

Kelly said...

I love his toes too!

Doesn't it just burn you up when you (or Santa) go to a lot of trouble getting your kiddo what they asked/begged for and then they don't play with it? I would like the option of returning it without their knowledge. They're not going to miss it anyway.

Laura said...

If you have ever seen pictures of my kids you will see their toes too. I love toes!!

Kristy said...

Well, I would like to play with the realfur kitty!
Looks like a wonderful Christmas.
Jed should wear his hair like that always--he would be in style. My boys were very entertained by a litte kid at church today who had a funky do.

Emily said...

Such cute pictures! If those are bad pics for then sheesh. Christmas looked really fun and I love the story about the cat. Kids!

michelle said...

those pics are so cute! love the toes!

rjones said...

it looks like you had a great christmas...I love toes pictures.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics! Summer got a Fur Real pet too. Does Ella like it?