Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movies In Review

Here are some movies I have watched recently and I just love! 

I tend to be a fan of the original movies, not the remakes, but this is a really good one of Hairspray. I remember the first one with Rikki Lake and this one is so fun. I actually think Christopher Walken is my fave in this... he dances well and actually manages chemistry with John Travolta! (But who wouldn't be able to do that???)
OOOh I love Enchanted. Erick took Ella to see this and came home and said he thought I would really like it. He was right. It is sooo cute. I love Amy Adams in this. I think its a wonderful, feel good movie. Do you remember Amy Adams from the Office as the "purse lady" Jim dated? 
I watched this movie this week and actually cried! I have seen it a million times. I just think its so sweet and I love the story and all the characters. I could watch it over and over! "Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart!!"
I don't know what it was about the first time I saw Batman Begins with E at the movie theater, but I remember leaving with a new crush on a superhero. You all know this is because I am married to one! Such a cool take on my favorite comic book hero. Batman has no super powers and has hope in a city that is totally corrupt. 

And the movie of the summer that I am beside myself with excitement about:

I ordered our tickets this afternoon for Erick and I. I know E loves me because he is sacrificing the midnight show to go with me first. He will sometimes catch his favorite movies at midnight. I went with him to Harry Potter and Star Wars at midnight, but I can't do it anymore. I fall asleep in the theater! Such a waste. So I told him it's his fault I love this movie so he has to see it with me first. We are excited to have a date and see this rockin movie. I just know Heath Ledger's performance is going to be ground breaking and heart breaking at the same time. Christian Bale is by far my fave Batman. Ooh I just can't wait! Have you seen any great movies this summer? I would love to hear... 


Stephanie said...

You're movie collection is creepy...I say this because I just watched these movies in the last couple of months. I watched Return to Me last week and I also cried!

Lucy said...

I literally just watched return to me, like 3 days ago - all good choices!!

scrapwordsmom said...

We have similar tastes in movies!! I LOVED The Dark Knight. Next on our list is Mamma Mia!!!