Monday, July 7, 2008

Terrible Twos

So Luke turned two in April. He has been one of my favorite little toddlers. He is always such a sweetie. Affectionate, delightful, entertaining, goofy, and fun. But it seems he is in the throws of being two. He has a lot of words, he is pretty easy to understand most of the time, but he has started yelling randomly, and is very angry when he doesn't get his way. He is wearing me thin. I realize where the spoiled baby syndrome comes from... the youngest in the family gets whatever they want. It is so much easier to just throw cookies at him instead of him throwing trash cans at me. Yikes. Erick reminded me that Ella did this, and Jed still does this on occasion... So I know he will move along through this phase. For now, I am just about fed up. But I know I just need to get through the next few months and hope he gets out of this phase soon!!

Today was a good day, I took Jed to the dentist! I know, weird that I would think that was good. But he has been not quite himself. Extra grumpy, troublesome and "off". Now that he had some cavities and other issues fixed, he is feeling so much better! I am looking forward to him sleeping all night tonight!

Today I start my final week of school for the Summer. Yay! It has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much! But I am looking forward to 6 weeks off. I will be able to enjoy the rest of summer with the kids, and get them started in their school before I have to go back too.

A few scrappy things... July 12th Scrapwords is having a super fun online crop, and get this, the grand prize is worth $75.00 Holy Moly!!! Be sure to pop over there and check it out!!!


Lucy said...

oh you've only begun with the twos. Can I recommend a book - 1 2 3 magic, check it out from the library, it might give you and E a new parenting technique, that could save you some grief. just a thought!

wendy said...

That book 123 magic is fabulous :)...worked for us with my 9 year old!!