Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Jed!!

Well, my little buddy Jed turned 6 two weeks ago! We had a really fun day for him. We took the kids to Putt Putt for their first visit. Turns out Ella has some natural putting ability. She got a 2 on a par 3 all on her own! That should make my dad proud! The boys had a great time as well, Luke just liked throwing the golf balls into the holes and climbing on stuff. They actually had a great deal going and we got a bunch of tokens for no extra cost so we hung out in the arcade and the kids all earned a micro-mini box of dots from all their tokens. Jed got some serious birthday loot so he was able to get some things he really wanted, a Storm Trooper helmet and a "build-your-own" lightsaber that is pretty cool. I took a few pictures but I don't think they are really blog worthy. But you can probably expect to see the helmet around Halloween time!

It's wierd that he is 6... he is tall, growing like a weed and he is very skinny. He is such a good boy and great helper for me. Some random things about Jed at 6:

*He is crazy about milk!
*He loves to play outside.
*He just started chewing gum.
*He is a very early riser and LOVES to talk excitedly first thing in the morning.
*He really enjoys coloring.
*Every now and then he walks on the sides of his feet like I did as a child.
*He has a "gurlfriend" in his class, a little girl with special needs, they color pictures for each other all the time.
*He has his mom's nose and sweet tooth!
*He loves to play video games and is shockingly good dispite not yet being able to read.
*He is the best big brother I have ever known.

Happy Birthday, Big Stuff!!!


janet said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jed! He is so cute Becca! Kate loves to talk excitedly in the morning too! Must be the age!
Hope you are doing good!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! I cant' believe how big and old he is! He does look tall and skinny!