Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella! And other greatness!!

First of all, I would like to brag about how clever I am becoming at all things technical. I noticed the printer was messed up this week. It wouldn't pull the paper in right to print. It was eating my paper! Ugh. This is a new printer. So I did what I always do.... "ERICK!!!!!" He came and messed around with it and declaired it beyond repair. Sigh. So today at Walmart we picked up another cheap-o printer. Just before I decided to set it up I thought I would take one more peek at my super cool "old" printer. I unplugged everything and shook it upside down. Out fell some popcorn! Sure enough, works just fine thank you very much. Now I can return the "new" printer.

So Ella had a birthday! She is 4 now. Whew. Life is getting a little scary. We made sure to have a fun day with her. She got some adorable Fancy Nancy dress up clothes from her grandparents and I got her a Fancy Nancy book. I still have not taken a decent picture of her dressed up yet, but I will do that soon. Luke also likes the clothes! We decided to take her to Build A Bear because she is crazy over plush things. This was a fun activity for her and Jed... Luke, not so much. He is turning into quite the runner. The store is basicly yellow, thus the yellow photos. Please excuse. :)
Here is Ella covering her ears at the noise of the stuffing going into her bunny. Notice her foot on the pedal, she got to help make her bunny.

Here she is busy applying makeup and brushing the bunny's hair. Very important steps.

Here is Ella showing me how excited she is to have a new bunny.

Here is Luke hanging out at the bathing station. These faucets blow out cool air to clean the fuzzies off the animals after they get filled. (Notice Luke did not get to make an animal as his behavior didn't really warrant it).

This was the beginning, Jed got to make a bear, and he was a very good sport! (see Luke touching stuff in the background? "Luke, QUIT touching STUFF!") The staff there were great and we all survived!

Ella is:
*Free spirited
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!

And other Goodness:
Our New Baby:
'00 Saturn S Wagon

The newest member of the family and my new favorite! Erick and I will have to do -paper rock scissors - for this one. We have finally been car shopping after more than 3 years of being a one car family!! Yes I said 3 years! It was the right decision at the time and we have attempted to get a car at various times. This time though, it was a must. With 2 kids in school and Erick continuing his 45 minute commute to work, it was time. We have been doing some searching and because we wanted to pay cash, we had a small budget. So we were not expecting luxury. We wanted a car that would seat our whole family - even if it was cramped- and we wanted better gas miliage than our van. Oh, and it has to run. Not too picky are we? We try to make most decisions prayerfully and we landed on this baby this morning. Erick drove it and was happy. He had me drive it and I felt like I could have drove to the moon. It's awesome! The exterior is great, the interior is great, and it runs just fine. Not to mention the 30+ mpg. It was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks to a church friend, we had some great Saturn related information that helped us choose. We also have a great buddy of Erick's who is all knowing of just about everything and he works on cars for fun. He checked it out for us and gave it the thumbs up. It might need tires by next summer and an oil change... but, can I just say how excited I am about this little beauty? We were so jazzed we came home and cleaned up the garage so we can park it in there, and with a little more work we should be able to park both cars by winter. Life is good.


Lucy said...

I heard a rumor about a fire alarm??? Could you explain??

Anonymous said...

Ya, I am so excited for you. Ah, the freedom of having your own vehicle. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Wanted to let you know Kade's in love with you and says he's going to marry you. It will have to wait 20+ years though.
We've done the build-a-bear thing too. It's something the kids really get into.
I'm so happy for you. What a nice little car for your family. Parking in the garage is so great when it's cold and snowy outside. You'll love it.
Tell Luke I said thanks for giving us a break from sitting on Sunday. It was nice to go out in the sunshine for a bit.

Stephanie said...

Happy B-day Ella! Sounds like she had a fun day.

Congrats on the new car. You must be experiencing a whole new world. Now you guys can drive out here to Utah!

Tricia said...

yay! i love your new wheels! you owe me a spin!