Friday, October 24, 2008


Reward Offered:

If you can find me a box of these!

My sister introduced me and mr. ghostly goodie when I visited her a year ago in PA. They are unforgettable. Now that it's that spooky time of year again, she is constantly talking about how great they are. So I have been passive agressively trying to get her to mail me a box or 6. So last weekend, we were taking our weekly family trip to Walmart. I glanced in the direction of the live lobsters because Ella wanted to go over there. 20 feet away, on a random kiosk, was a display of Tasty Kake brand items... one lone box stood out, it was smaller and had a distinctly familiar, spooky font on the front. I squeeled with delight, and lept through the store to snatch the one box of ghostly goodies I had seen in over a year! I was sooo excited. But it was wierd. I didn't think you could get these delicious treats out here. what was going on?? Then Erick helped me search the entire store for more and even asked employees to help. No luck. Oh well. I had me one valuable box of goodies. Then Erick pointed out that they were expired! I said, who cares!! I will eat them anyway, mold or not. (maybe not moldy - I have my limits) But I got the greedy idea that we should ask for a discount since they were expired. yah. cause I am a cheepskate. Mr. Manager had Erick show him where we found the cakes. Mr. Manager walked away with Erick and my box of cakes. Erick came back without Mr. Manager and without my box of ghostly goodies!!!! WHAT THE %$@&?????? Erick informs me that Mr. Manager cannot sell me the cakes because they are expired. I was literally a bite away from a dream come true, only to have my greed get it taken away. Lesson learned. I hope Mr. Manager enjoyed his snack in the back room. I am probably going to buy some from Ebay this afternoon, if no one can tell me where to get some, or why they were at Walmart in the first place. So random. So sad. So delicious.


Kelly said...

I can't help you. I've never seen these before. If you get some would you share one with a friend?

Stephanie said...

I have never seen these before. I'll keep my eyes open. I would be so mad if the manager didn't give them to me. I think I would have grabbed them for him and ran away.

scrapwordsmom said...

So what do these taste like? I've never heard of them!!