Friday, October 3, 2008

Updates with Random Photos

So I have been busy with school as usual. It is a fun and challenging semester that is for sure. I am learning all about Adobe Illustrator and I have to say, I really LOVE the pen tool! I am also not a huge Art History fan as I have mentioned, but I am managing to do well anyway.
All the kids are doing well and enjoying school. Jed seems to be having a less than perfect first year in school. I really feel for him. He came home one day covered in blue paint and very upset. Turns out he got in trouble for wiping his hand on the back of the kid next to him... I would just like to point out that Jed also had paint on the back of his shirt... so who did that? He also got "reprimanded" for mixing the silly putty colors together. Then just this week he told me about getting hit in the face, like three times, by some kid on the bus!! what??? So I mentioned it to the bus driver, who said she knew nothing about it but would talk to Jed at school. We have also had our fair share of colds, coughs, tummy aches, and other misc. back to school bugs.
Ella is the school singer. She sings everyday on the way to school... we walked when the weather was warmer. She would sing The Last Unicorn. She really seems to be enjoying herself! I am enjoying my 3 mornings a week with just Luke. The time goes by way too fast and I am already trying to figure out how to get Ella into Kindergarten next year even though she will only be 4 (she turns 5 next Oct.) so I can have even more time with Luke... although, I can see him going to preschool too! Am I rushing my kids too fast? If you think so, come over and I will explain. :)

We have a video camera. We got it before we had any kids. It worked up until about Ella was born. So we mostly have videos of Jed. Jed eating, Jed crawling, Jed crying, Jed looking at us, Jed sitting, Jed sleeping, etc... We have thought it was a hopeless cause to fix the camera and I have been bugging about all the endless hours of video just sitting in a box. This is why I love google. Erick did some research, found out that smacking the side of the camera really hard seems to fix this particular problem... no joke. So now it works. So I got this brilliant idea to buy a special cable and hook my sony handycam up to my super sweet IMAC. I have been converting all our home movies to digital files on my mac. I feel really good about it because I know its a great way to preserve these memories. It has been a lot of fun to watch the kids, especially my babyjed, who is growing up just way too fast.
Luke is having a rough week. He bonked his nose while playing with Ella and looks like Roudolph. Then yesterday Jed threw a toy at him, making a gash in his little head. Life is so rough when you are two.

Yesterday we had our septic tank cleaned out for the first time since we moved here. Peee-ewww! The kids were fascinated by the man digging a hole in our yard and the giant hose sucking junk from the bowels of our yard. And it seems Ella is not remotely tramatized by the man's "bottom sticking out" as she put it. Seriously, the honesty and simple-ness of "kid observations" are awesome.

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Stephanie said...

Wow sounds like life is pretty crazy. I'm sorry to hear about Jed and what's up with that kid on the bus? Have you volunteered in Jed's class yet? This might give you a better prespective of what is really going on.

I almost bought the Last Unicorn for Eva and Summer but I forgot if it was any good. I swear I remember watching this movie as a kid.