Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow Much Fun

Winter is upon us. I am not too annoyed by it, because I think we had a pretty easy November. I just hope it doesn't last until May. So we had our 2nd snow fall this week, and the lake effect snow was fun! The kids and I made a snowman. This was such a funny activity. This was their first snowman ever, and I just helped pack, I didn't interfere. I'm a cool mom that way. So here is our snowman, isn't he sweet? Luke hugged him quite a few times and made me hug and kiss him too. I obliged, I'm a cool mom that way.

And here is Ella, who was beside herself excited to eat the snow.

Quote of the Day:
Me, busy cleaning up the bathroom, I pick up my hairbrush and notice its wet, I inspect it just in case and exclaim, "I think that's poop in my hairbrush." Needless to say, I am down one hairbrush today.


Kelly said...

Cute snowman. I'm not a cool mom. I hate playing out in the cold.

Glad you noticed the brush was dirty before using it. Gross!

Lucy said...

Poopy hair, poopy hair...

Kristy said...

You are a cool mom!!!! All my boys talk about is eating snow. I give them popicles so I don't get it. I'm jealous, the snow is pretty.
NOWAY!!!! I am horrified about your hairbrush!!!! Girl be careful!!

Tricia said...

I agree with Kelly, I am not a COOL mom. It is too cold to be making snowmen and heck...aren't my kids old enough to do that stuff by themselves now {{whine}}