Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crunch and Munch

And other fun things from the last 24 hours or so...

I kept the kids home from school yesterday because of coughs, runny noses, and overall sicks. Since I had all three kids home and they were bored and didn't like me constantly telling them to stop playing and sit down, I got an idea (run-on sentence, purposely). So I gave the kids a bath, dressed them up, and tried to get a photo for our Christmas cards.

Next time I get a goofy idea like this, would someone please just shoot me?

Last night I developed a severe headache. Not sure why. I did about 18 hundred loads of laundry yesterday, and dishes, and pretty much sat around the rest of the time... but regardless, headache. I could not find any ibuprofen or even some tylenol... ugh. So I went to bed without medication. I did put a cold towel on my head, that seemed to help a little. Luke woke me up around 3:30am for some reason. I still had my headache, so I decided to take some of the kids liquid ibuprofen in a moment of desperation. The biggest kid, age, 11 weighing up to 90-some lbs can have 3 teaspoons, so I figured I could have 4. The stuff is nasty. It's so sweet, now I know why Luke loves it. I had to choke it down. But I have decided that liquid drugs really are the way to go. It worked so fast, I couldn't believe it.

I also somehow managed to sleep through Erick leaving for work, and woke up while Ella stood beside me telling me to get up. I asked her where her brothers were. I could hear paper or plastic rustling, so I knew someone was eating something. Luke was sitting under the table with a bag of m&m's. I quickly took them away, and polished off the bag. Crunch and Munch.

Oh and speaking of crunch and munch.
Last night I was at the computer, lets say I was doing homework because it makes me look good, and I knew Luke was messing around at the Christmas tree over my shoulder. I heard a noise, looked over, and watched him put a small ornament in his mouth, and proceed to chop/chew it up and spit it out. Thankfully the ornament had several bulbs on it, so I just cut off the one he ate, and put the ornament back on the tree. (see first photo)

Then last night after all the kids were dreaming of sugarplums... I managed to create an adorable Christmas card and order them, I cannot wait to send them out this year!

In other news, I am nearly done with classes! I have class tonight and Thursday is my final. Then I will be done for 3 whole weeks! Sweet!

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Tricia said...

sheeshk it is tiring just reading this!