Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our Holiday in photos:

Christmas Eve the kids helped me bake and decorate some Christmas cookies. Thanks to my friend Kelly's recipe, we enjoyed some delicious treats. I found a cream cheese frosting online that was the perfect compliment to these sweet goodies. I think this was the first batch of cookies I have made that stayed soft.

Then, after the cookies were done, my big sis called to ask me to stop by to pick up a gift she had for me. Turns out my wonderful brother in law has been busy making me a scrap cabinet! This thing is beautiful. He made one for my sister a few years back and I have been drooling over it since. They really surprised me by making this, and I LOVE it.

It's quite tall, and has several shallow drawers that pull out so I can store stamps, bottles, papers, and other bits of scrappy goodness. There is space at the bottom for a tote, a basket, or albums. Thanks Glen!!! I love it!

Christmas morning I managed to snap a quick picture before we tore into our Holiday treasures. Notice their cute new Christmas Eve PJ's.

Notice how both pictures of Luke, he is holding a marshmallow rope. Did you get your Christmas card from us yet? Luke loves Christmas, and candy. Here he was mad because I wouldn't open the candy.

Ella got sponge curlers in her stocking. I put them in two different times. But she wouldn't sleep with them in... poor girl has my hair, so fine and won't hold a curl.

Jed LOVES Eggnog.

Ella got a makeup case. She is quite the glamour girl.

So is Jed.

We are off for a couple more days of holiday festivities!
Merry Holiday!


Lucy said...

What a funny post... still waiting for santa....

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas. Nice cabinet. I'm sure it will be well used. You are the third person to tell me you used my cookie recipe. I'm glad you liked them.

Tricia said...

that is a cool cabinet girl!!! That is awesome! Will Glen make one for me?????? lol
The kiddos like so cozy in those matching jambos!!!

wendy said...

Super cute photo's :) The cabinet is fab!

Kristy said...

Your Christmas looks very blessed! It was sooo good to talk to you yesterday. Maybe we can do that again this year! :o) Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

Love that cabinet! What an awesome gift! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! That's so funny that Jed like eggnog. Does anyone else like it?