Monday, January 12, 2009

It has begun.

School that is.
Today class is back in session. I took Luke to the campus bookstore to get a book that was back ordered online. He was very good even though the store had no toys. Today I have been printing out syllabus-es or syllaby? for each class and sorting out folders, assignments, and schedules. I made a chart to help me log assignments for each class, for each week. This is going to be the toughest load yet. Didn't I say that last time? Anyway, I am pumped, slightly nervous, and mostly excited. I am taking: Web Design, Business Practices for the Visual Artist, Typography, and Electronic Imaging. Don't those sound cool?

Body For Life that is.
Today is day one of our twelve week BFL program. Erick and I noticed tonight that we started last time two years ago to the day, almost. Freaky. We both hope to lose more weight this time, tone up more, and keep it all off. I kept my 20 lbs off for a whole year, so that was good. We tortured ourselves and took some snapshots for comparison sake, it always adds a motivational element.

Jed calling girls, and girls calling Jed that is.
Jed has had a couple phone chats with his little friend Catie. Oh my goodness. They are the stinkin cutest conversations I have ever eavesdropped on. They are giggly and silly and just darn cute. I chatted with Catie's mom today about our kids. She complimented my parenting (if only she knew) because Jed is such a "kind boy" and seems "so sweet". Yah, I know, didn't I just blog about how great Jed is? So he is even snitching my coveted phone and trying to secretly dial her number. Hilarious.

Ok, I have totally distracted myself from my school work. Must get busy.

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Stephanie said...

School, losing weight, raising cute kids, you do it all!