Friday, January 23, 2009

Whats going on

Ella got some sponge curlers in her stocking for Christmas. She wore them a lot during the day. I finally convinced her to try sleeping in them. She had amazing curls for about 4 days... Then I forced her to let me wash them out so we could comb through the mess. It was a lot of fun for both of us to play around with her cute hair.

Last week Luke colored on my iMac with a permanent marker. Last Sunday in fact. I spent the morning in a state of shock, Erick is used to my panicking and creating disaster messes... So he quickly googled the issue, and used a regular eraser to get rid of all of it. The keyboard still needs a little love, but thats ok. I really never intend to be a negligent parent. It just sort of happens sometimes.

I snapped a few quick photos of Jed with his friend Catie last week. They are a cute little pair, that is for sure. They call each other every couple days. She is such a sweet heart. Her mom is protective and I am not sure if she wants pics of her child on my blog, so I am only sharing one photo where you can't see her face, but you can tell how small she is compared to Jed. Ahh.. Jed. My boy. We got a note today about a "meeting" or "intervention" with his teacher and the principle and his speech therapist. Apparently Jed is "well behind" the other kids as far as learning goes. Ugh. These are the things about being a mom that you just can't prepare for. As moms, I also think you can't help but feel some guilt, which I am really trying to work past. I am quickly losing faith in his teacher and our school system, but I will try to be open minded to whatever they may suggest for him. So that day is coming up in Feb. Yippee.


Tricia said...

aw my man Luke got himself in trouble again, eh? Ella looks GORGEOUS with those curls! How cute! I should try those on Hannah! Love the cute pics of all of your kiddos! Miss you friend!

Tricia said...

so um CHA was evacuated today because of the fire alarms....where's Luke? lol

becca said...


Emily said...

The picture of the two of them and the hair is priceless! Sorry about the marker, but amazing that an eraser worked!