Monday, February 9, 2009

A conversation.

Jed: Mom, Can you move the couch? My batphone is back here. (as he tries to shove the couch on his own)

Mom: Not right this second Jed.

Jed: Maybe I can do it. (Jed continues to try to push the couch)

Ella: Yah, Maybe I can help you.

Jed: No, I need someone big and strong, like mom.

Ella: Well mom's not that strong, we need daddy.



scrapwordsmom said...

Kids say the cutest things!! That is a scrap page!!! You could use the Wonder Woman-NOT theme!! LOL!

Thanks for your kind words on my Blog. I needed that so much. Unbelievable how women can be!!

I pop over to see what's up. I LOVE your new blog design. Where did you get it/create it? How is school coming along?

Happy Thoughts to you!!!

wendy said...

That's cute!

Tricia said...


janet said...

LOL!! I love kid conversations!!! I have a journal just for them. I keep quotes and conversations in it! Don't want to forget them.
So...who moved the couch. You or Dad??