Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Through the Blog Vine.

That's a good title. I might have to stash that one away for a new blog someday. You know blogs are like, the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon?

My friend Melissa, who is in fact, a real friend; vs. a digi-friend, (not that there is anything lame about a digi-friend, I have tons) but she is a real-life friend, like, I could hug her she is so great. We are blog buddies too.

Anyway, she found on one of her in-law's blogs a chart ( or, sisters cousin's, brother in law, however you want to put it), that in law's chart was found here. A fun little scrapbook/digital/good read blog. Melissa commissioned my rusty photoshop skills (bwahahahaha) to make a chart.

Little did she know just how, "right down my alley" this 'favor' was. She even brought lunch!

Little did she know, 4 hours later, she would have some totally adorable chore charts, and I would have learned how to put clip art in my iMac. She was a real sport, putting up with my, uh, I have to figure this part out deal, and all my kids repeatedly climbing in my lap, asking to touch/eat stuff. Melissa has 4 kids. 3 of which are the same ages of my kids, the 4th being a brand spanking new baby. So, yup, I am starting to understand why it took 4 hours to make 2 charts.

Lets do the math: 7 kids + 2 pets + 2 movies + 2 patient moms + 1 humongo computer monitor + 4 hours = 2 really fun charts. (4 if you count the fact that we changed the kids names since she has two boys and two girls... yes, Melissa is a planner, we made a chart for the nearly-2 month old baby).

So these were tons of fun. We got to use my collection of various digital scrap supplies, and I got to practice Photoshop. Melissa just patiently sat and made requests while I clicked. It was loads of fun!


Anonymous said...

It was loads of fun. Thanks again!!

Kristy said...

You could go into business! I'll buy 2. Make that 3 the husband needs one too.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Kristy! You should totally sell those. I'll buy 2 also! Make that three because I need one too! Ha.