Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Movie Madness

I love summer movies! I love that Erick loves summer movies as much as I do. We took the kids to see the new Disney/Pixar movie, UP. I was very skeptical of this movie. I hate how the previews are so vague. Well, if you haven't heard, it's a wonderful movie! So cute and sweet and funny. We skipped the 3D version, and that was just fine with me. This cutie boy just cracked me up! If you haven't seen it, go. By far, my all time Fave Pixar movie!

We also got to go see Transformers Rise of the Fallen. This was such a cool movie! And so fun to see it in the theater. When the first one came out, I didn't really care to see it in the theater, and once I saw it at home, I wished I had! So Erick and I got to go out and see it. (Thanks to my sis for watching our kids). It was just as cool as the first one. This is a movie poster I had to make for a school assignment in the Spring, so its a fake, but kinda cool anyway!

And then of course, probably the movie I am most excited to see...

I have decided to read Book 6 again, before the movie comes out because I don't remember a lot from this one. The last time I read the book before seeing the movie it annoyed me. But this time, I am prepared for the movie to be altered from the book, and I am ok with that. The movie trailer actually looks really awesome! I just read the scene where Katie Bell gets cursed from touching the necklace. The movie scene looks cooler than I imagined it in my head.

Summer movie madness! Its the best! What are you looking forward to seeing? What have you already seen that you enjoyed?


Anonymous said...

I also am looking forward to Harry Potter and that is one of the few movies we make sure to always see in the theater. I also want to see Angels and Demons (Although I will probally wait for it to come out on DVD.) Jacob and Spencer went to see Transformers and really enjoyed it.

Jake said...

The GI Joe preview that was on Transformers looked pretty good.