Sunday, July 5, 2009


You may recall back in May I mentioned that I was preparing to run a 5k. That was for a race that was in June. That race came and went. And I did not run. I got sick, quit training, and sorta gave up for a time. I tend to be the type of person who gets a hairbrained idea, wants very badly to follow through, then gets hung up on roadblocks and ends up taking the easy way... and not doing something. I hate that about myself. Soccer when I was 10, Track when I was 12, Partylite as an adult, and countless other endeavors or events. College was on that list too. I told Erick when we got engaged, to please help me make sure to go back to school someday because I didn't want to have that regret my whole life. So I am working on that one.

I also have this theory, that if you tell someone about something, that something is likely to not happen. Its a way of jinxing yourself. You know, my kids are going to sleep so good tonight... agghhh, don't say that!! It wont happen then.

So, I opted not to mention on this here blog that I was in fact, preparing for another race. The Carmelfest Freedom Run (4.5 miles). I went back and forth about participating. My sister Lucy and I had this idea that it would be cool if we could run together. Then we realized we should make our other sister, Vicky run too. We opened up the event to the whole family, and in the end, it was the three of us. The race was yesterday... (really? seems forever ago) in Indy (Carmel). I haven't really been running much lately, kinda pooped out and thought I might not do the race. But in the end, that voice in my head that reminds me how much I hate to quit, or not follow through, got me to do it. (That and Erick's encouragement, as well as my sisters). My goal was to run 3 of the 4.5 miles. I figured I would alternate some walking with running since I am somewhat out of shape.

Well, I managed to run the whole way! Victoria was 4 minutes faster than me and Lucy, and I caught Lucy at the final stretch, and we sprinted to the finish, and she beat me by one second! It was so cool to finish with her, with Victoria right there cheering us on. This race was tough, I would say its in the top 5 most difficult things I have ever done. (3 of those would be delivering babies). I was not very fast, I finished the race in 55:55. I might have actually had a better time if I walked and ran, I don't know. But I didn't want to stop running, because I thought I would not be able to start again. It was so cool, and I actually look forward to the next one.

I should mention, both of my sisters have had new babies within the last 9 months! (And they still beat me!) They are my heroes!

We had a great 4th of July weekend, we got together with all our families and had so much fun. I will post more pictures later.
before the race, feeling jitters and excitement, mostly jitters.

My awesome chip that tracked my speed.

The participants afterwards, several hours afterwards, see how cool we are?
Before I left the hotel for the race, Jed told me to try to win, and to try to be faster than Vicky and Lucy. So when he saw my participant medal, we was very excited that I won. You know, I did win. I ran further than I thought I could, and did something I didn't think I could do.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! That is awesome!! You three look great, what a fun thing to get to run with your sisters.

Kristy said...

I am sooo impressed!!!! Very neat how you did that with your sisters. Do you think that running is something of a 30ish crisis. I've been daydreaming of jogging. I could never do a whole race like you did!!!! Way to go.