Tuesday, September 1, 2009

U-rine Trouble

*** Due to recent media events, I have removed this photo, cause you just never know what kind of loony people are out there, misinterpreting the actions of normal parents***

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Thanks to my talented sister Victoria for the name of this post. Luke is in trouble. He keeps peeing in random places. I caught him peeing off the tramp outside, I caught him peeing in the front yard, more than once, I kept finding pee in trash cans, and today, he peed in the dog water. I can't seem to come up with a disciplinary solution to this problem. It was suggested to try cherrios in the toilet. I think I will try that, but then I do wonder, he will likely then think, "what else can I put in the toilet to pee on?"

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wendy said...

Ha. That is a very cute name. I totally agree about the toilet thing, that sounds like something my boys would do...what else can go in there? Maybe do a tick reward system or something (get something when you have so many tick marks)? Maybe stickers when he goes inside?