Monday, October 5, 2009

Generally General Conference

This past weekend was 'conference weekend' for the Mormons. Twice a year the leaders of the church give talks from Salt Lake, pertaining to all manner of topic, scripture, Christ, charity, families, and other aspects of our religion. General Conference as it is called is great for many reasons. One, we can listen to the broadcast on the Internet, and we also get the BYU channel through AT&T, so we also get to watch from home. This is so nice. I like to hang in comfy clothes, snuggle with kids and blankets and listen to wise men and women offer council and encouragement that feels meant just for me. I listened to intent testimony from Apostles, whom are called by God, and believe with their souls the truth of Christ, His atonement and the truth of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was uplifting to listen. While I listened this year, the family milled in and out of my 'front room' which is where my computer is. I had a lot of homework and so while listening, I worked on a picture I had to do for a school assignment. This was a photograph I took of the Washington DC temple when I went there with my sister like, what 2 years ago... The assignment is about coloring/shading, and perspective.

More important than linear perspective is Eternal Perspective. Something I have, but often forget in the hub bub of day to day life. What seems so very important now, may truly not matter in the eternal perspective. What may seem trivial, and can be postponed for later, might actually matter more eternally than anything else. Such as prayer and reading scripture.

You can access the archives of General Conference here. Even if you are not Mormon, its OK, you just might hear something to lift your soul. I personally feel inspired to continue improving my personal prayer and scripture study. I look forward to April when I get to listen again.

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