Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excellent Read

I love reading! I love it just as much as I love all my other hobbies. I love the escape and entertainment a great book offers. I don't read a lot of "classics." I tend to read fun and quick works of fiction. I have been reading all summer and its been a lot of fun.

This book caught my eye at the library last week. I remembered vaguely hearing a story about Bill Clinton and a rescue. But I never really followed the story of Laura Ling and her capture. Part of the appeal of this book was the fact that it's written from the perspective of both sisters, the one captured in North Korea and the one trying to get her sister out.

I am very close to my sisters. We talk everyday and spend as much time together as possible. So I identified with the connection of the Ling sisters.

This book was SO GOOD! I kept telling myself that parts of it were hard to believe - but it all really happened, last year! I remembered Lisa Ling's documentary that she did when she went inside North Korea. That footage did stick with me. So when I finished the book, I went on YouTube, watched her documentary again, and then watched the reunion footage of the two women journalists who had spent four months as prisoners in North Korea. I was balling! Really an amazing story.


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Was it an easy read?