Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To Class

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Kids went back to school this week.
I did too.
This semester is interesting. For me I will have more work to do out of class than in class. They expect us to be better with time management now. Two days a week I go to class during the day, so Luke is also in preschool. Our lives got instantly busier this week, but I actually like it. Once I am used to it! I will have a day home every week with no kids, and two days a week home with just one kid.

So far the kids are liking their classes and teachers. Jed is a big ole 2nd grader
with Ella tagging along behind as a kindergartener. She got up every day last week and would say, 2 days till school, 1 day till school, etc...Then, yesterday she announced that school is now boring. That was fast! She is adjusting too.

Jed didn't forget how to read over the summer, so thats good! He left the house today with invitations for a few friends to come to a birthday party for him next week. I have not done parties for the kids in years...or ever. This year I am hoping to give Jed a fun one - He's going to be 8 on Monday! And Ella will turn 6 in two months, so she just may get a party as well.

Anyway, a busy week, but lots of fun and exciting things happening.
#1 thing I have noticed this days are still going by way too fast! :)


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