Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot and Hybrid

I love a clever blog post title... such pressure.

This week over at Scrap Tiffany our challenge was do something hybrid. This is combining digital techniques with traditional scrapping techniques. This can be complicated or simple. For my project, I opted to go with simple, and focused on printing my journaling - instead of handwriting it out... something I don't do very often. I put together this romantic book for Erick while he was away. I had made this list of 101 things I loved about Erick months ago, then lost it. Recently I found it and quickly put the project together before the kids ate the list or something. This was also a great project because I dug through pictures and used all younger photos of Erick and I together that were from special times...just sitting in a box.

He loves the book and said last night he was waiting for the sequel, "101 things I hate About You"...ha ha funny guy.

Tonight I am going scrapping with my scrap girls, which will be so fun. Just what I need right before our busy week starts next week. Luke and I have school on Tuesday, and the other two kids start on Wednesday...yippee!!! I only have 2 semesters left and I am done with my associates degree. Yay rah!

Have a great Friday!


Laurel said...

This is fantastic!

Melissa said...

Becca this is beautiful!

Katie said...

What a fabulous book, Becca!

scrapwordsmom said...

Awesome book, Becca. You have always been so crafty;)