Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a day in the life

6am - husband's alarm goes off
6:30am - drag self out of bed
7am - make sure kids have breakfast
8am - send one kid off to school
8:30am - take other kid to diff. school
8:45am - call dr to set up appt for other kid who's home sick from school
9am - surprise dad(grandpa) who came in for a last minute visit to town
9:30am - take dad and kid to quick breakfast
10-11am - wander around book store with coughing sick kid, dad/grandpa, sister/aunt, and nephew
10:50am - drop dad/sister/nephew off
11am - pick up one kid from school
11:15am - pick up other kid from school
11:30am - arrive for tri-dental appts at kids dentist
12:15pm - survive dental visits
12:15pm - pick up comics for sweet husband
12:45pm - meet dad/grandpa for lunch
2pm - stop at video store to find elusive video game for one kid
2:30pm - take coughing kid + 2 brothers to dr appt to determine coughing kid has bronchitis
2:37pm - suddenly realize forgot to make alternative arrangements for car pool kids! panic. Call friend who was in route to rescue forgotten children, cell phone dies during desperate apology.
3:30pm - arrive home to email secondary apologies to car pool moms.
4pm - email husband to figure out dinner.

and charge cell phone. good thing my dad bought me a mom planner.


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Melissa said...

Wow, you had a day :) No worries about the kids, They didn't seem to mind :)