Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out Like a Lion

March is not really giving me a break, not really heading out like a lamb, but thats ok. I've got under the weather kids, senioritis, and insomnia...but is still good.

Why the sting ray? Well because! A couple weeks ago I took my kids to the local aquarium. They had a great time and the highlight by far as the touch pool where you could pet the stingrays. I thought this was so cool, and Jed really did too. They seemed to like him. It was a fun little place, not too big by any means, which is good for my short legged chickies... I got some not so good pictures, but I am sitting here with a dead battery and a lost card reader. Really. Should blog more I know, and stay on top of these things!!! 

Oh, and here a plug for my work. Want to see an example of what I do? Check out this virtual tour! I didn't make the tour or take the pictures, I am an editor, so I made the pics all shiny and nice! Good times.

More to come, someday, when my blog makes it way back up my priority ladder! Ha!


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