Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I feel fortunate and blessed to have such great men in my life. My father, my husband, father in law, and even my brothers in law, who look after and care for my sisters' families. Lucky lucky me!

This year, fathers day kinda stinks! Erick is not here yet, my dad is far away and sort of grumpy with me because he is not able to fly to visit any time soon. Plus the kids got up early this morning, Jed with a sour stomache, and even the dog is sick. So. Mostly, this fathers day I am seriously missing Erick! boo.

MY problems aside, I am grateful to Erick for his hard work and sacrifice to keep this little family going. I was determined to make this year a big year of change for our family, and he has supported me and rode along for the crazy ride! Now that this year is nearly halfway done, I look forward to reuniting the kids with their big daddy. They all have big plans of what to do together! Im looking forward to all this summer will bring for our family!

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