Monday, September 12, 2011

Up! and other Adventures!

This past weekend was a fun one!

Saturday morning I got up and took Ella with me to a scrapbook expo here in town. They have a few around the state each year. This one was perfect for Ella and I because it was not ginormous, but it was a lot of fun! I hesitated to take Ella, thinking I really wanted time alone, she would slow me down, and ask for stuff. Well, she did ask for stuff, but most of things she wanted were around a dollar, so it was easy to get her a few things and keep her happy. Then, she turned out to be a 'free stuff' magnet. Many of the booths had little free things they were happy to give a cute girl in pig tails. She got a kick out of this and was very polite. Im glad she has an interest in my hobbies!

Then Saturday afternoon Erick took the kids out so I could just chill at home for a little while. I guess these are early birthday presents! Which works for me. :) When he returned we took the kids to the library, we all had books we wanted to get. When we pulled out of the library I looked up and said, "It's the UP house!!" Ahead of us I could see the bold colors of a house that has been in the local news lately. As part of the parade of homes here, a builder did a replica of the house from the movie Up. I asked Erick if we could drive by, and low and behold they were having an open house! We all got a kick out of walking through. The kitchen was my favorite room with cute bright blue retro appliances...sorry no pics of that one. And we liked the craftsmanship, so we will file that builder away for future reference.

The kids ran all over the place but were mostly pretty good. On the way back, we stopped at a local farmer's small market and bought raspberries and watermelon. It felt like the perfect day! Lots of fun...

Sunday, we decided to sluff church and drove up to Ogden. Erick is from Ogden, and we showed the kids his stomping grounds, and I learned a few things about E that I didn't know. We drove past his mom's last house, her little condo where we visited her a few times and where we shared her last moments on earth with her. It was a lot more emotional for me than I thought. We then went and visited her grave and that of Erick's grandparents as well. It was cathartic for everyone and the kids were really sweet and interested in everything that Erick had to share with them about his mom.

My birthday is this week, and 3 days later would be his mom's 58th birthday, so it was an honor to remember her a little extra this week.


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh what fun you had!!

We know Ogden pretty well. The mall especially {lol}

We know every now and then we sluff church, too and just go do things as a family. And that's ok:)

Thank you so much for all your kind words on my blog, Becca. You sure have been with me and all my ups and downs for quite awhile!!!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh...that UP house is sooo cute!