Saturday, February 25, 2012

So I married a...

I married a gamer. Now I live daily in a family full of gamers. Even Ella. Even the 5 year old. Jed was 5 when he got his own gamer tag. (His ID or username if you will, for video games via XBOX)

Most of the time when the games come out, I take a mental vacation; scrapbooking and watching movies, or reading a book in bed...while the gang cheers and hollers, and the kids will sit and watch their dad play...or they will jump and bounce and kick with the high action sports and adventure games that are actually a good energy outlet on the cold or rainy days.

Some months I pout and throw fits...waving my arms and asking Erick to pay attention to me, other months I bask in having my own space, and other times I observe. Cheering on the kids as they unlock levels in cleverly designed stories or laugh at their proper use of gamer lingo.

Lately, its becoming a fun family affair. I have embraced the game of Halo, determined for once to actually learn some skills. These games are hard, and I feel pride that my kids at their ages can really keep up with the grown ups. Erick encouraged me to start my own campaign - which means I am playing the story of the game, a series of levels and tasks that help me figure out the weapons and controls. Because the best part of Halo, is that at literally any single moment of any single day - THOUSANDS of people are logged on, playing Halo in competitive battles with each other. And frankly, I suck. bad. Zero skillz. Example; Jed can play a 10 - 15 minute game and get 15 - 25 kills, easy. (Tonight I was pumped... I got 2 kills!) The kids laugh at me, and I feel happy that I am learning the game, instead of ignoring it all.

Full disclosure, I have started playing the game while the kids are at school! Guess I know what I am replacing Facebook with...

Dont get me wrong, we still have other family activities and outings. Today we played with cousins at the park, Erick gave Jed a hair cut, and Ella and I made a book mark, for her chapter book.

But its fun to feel like Im on the team, instead of just being a spectator. Also, its very good for my competitive, sore loser qualities that I stifle.

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