Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Shoot!

Erick's sister and husband and new baby are in town for a few weeks. Whenever they come to town it means a family trip up the mountain to shoot.

Scott, our brother in law, enjoys collecting guns and serves our country in the Air Force. He showed me some tricks and let me shoot a variety of guns. Scott and Erick and Erick's parents had fun shooting and swapping gun talk.

This was my first experience and I can see why people enjoy it! It's fun and of course dangerous but we were in a safe and controlled environment.

I am grateful for our country and our constitution that gives us the right to bear arms. It's sad that these "last days" require us to defend ourselves against danger, but it should be our right...and of course to do it knowledgeably and responsibly.

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scrapwordsmom said...

Amen! I am grateful for that, too. My husband collects guns...both our kids know how to shoot and I have shot but it's a bit overwhelming to's a long story...short version I was shot at when I was in HS and the bullet just missed my head. Yeah, pretty scary stuff!

Anyway...I love this pic of you...a Charlie's Angel:)