Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bare Bones of Creativity

Erick caught wind of a little Facebook contest for a show we love to watch. Bones. Its about a super smart anthropologist who teams up with the FBI to solve murders by studying the victims bones. Its kinda gross, but we love it! Of course the super smart anthropologist falls for the hot FBI guy. This season they had a baby together. 

So the FB contest was to design a onsie for their little baby girl. Here are the two I came up with. The one with the belt buckle is a reference to the FBI agent, who wears funny, cool, belt buckles. This one was Erick's concept, so I basically created what he wanted to see. The second one was my idea, a baby rattle, only the handle is a femur bone! Gross! Creepy! Yet totally cute and funny. 

We will see if I make it into the FB photo gallery... (Might have to sign back in if I want any acknowledgement that these are my designs...).

Aside from the fun of the project, it was a great little way to refresh my skills. I mentioned that my computer broke, and then was repaired... The longer version of the story is that the repair didnt fix my computer! So we had to go back, pay more money, and get it fixed again. My goal is to make enough extra income this year to buy a new iMac... Wish me luck! Better yet, bring me business! ;)


Melissa Corry said...

Those are so cool!!! I used to watch Bones, now I sew instead, tee hee hee. I always wanted those 2 to hook up. Glad to hear they finally did :)

Oh and I am sending you an email about a little business :)

scrapwordsmom said...

I really love the bottom one...sooo clever:)