Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decisions Made

I went with one of the part time jobs I was offered. I didn't think I could take it due to my kids school schedule. However it worked out! Erick is going to work from home once in awhile so that I can go to my part time job with an area Credit Union. I am excited! I will be a part of their marketing team, assisting the director with Graphic Design and media projects. I am looking forward to all the things I might learn. The position is temporary, 3 months or so, with the potential to stay on longer if they continue to grow as they have been in recent months. Its also going to be just 10 hours or so a week, maybe more if the need arises. Perfect to give me some new learning opportunities, while still building my own freelance design company...

Speaking of which...We've had a soft launch of Navy House Designs!
This is my very own freelance company. We have announced on Facebook at
And I am working on a separate blog just for Navy House, but I dont like the way it looks right now so I am still trying to fix that up. I think for now I will add a page here to my blog with a list of services, so watch for that to pop up.

I also want to add an Etsy shop for photo cards - holiday, birthday, announcements, etc...but every time I try to design one, I dont like how they turn out. Creative work is weird-very randomly I will start to make some things and the creativity just flows, and other times - Brick Wall. :) So, if you want a holiday card, custom designed, drop me an email and photo and I can help. I think I do better on custom projects vs. mass quantity.

Last week Erick and I went to a fundraiser for a non-profit I have been designing for. It was awesome to see all my graphics on display! They had pens, chapstick, brochures, and 6ft floor banners all designed by me! I will get some pics from Erick's phone and post soon!

You can see my portfolio online at where I have a recent magazine ad and billboard design up.

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