Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here I Am

Ok, since my pal Steph is a faithful blogger, I will honor her request. She wanted to see a pic of the new me! I realize I am generally camera shy in the recent years. There are not many pictures of me with or without my kids... I am usually the photographer. I realize now that regardless of how I look or feel, I do not want to look back at our family photos and ask, Where was I all those years? So now I say, here I am!

I have learned a lot through the 12 week process of Body For Life (
1. It is very gratifying to finish what you start.
2. Eating right and exercising REALLY does give you more energy.
3. It also makes you feel happy and less depressed.
4. When you feel good about yourself those around you also benefit.
5. Healthy food can actually taste good!
6. Water Retention is a real thing.
7. Drinking lots of water prevents the retention... and other benefits too.
8. Clothes are heavy!
9. Support and Encouragement is critical to our success in all things.
10.Progress, Not Perfection!

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Stephanie said...

What a hot mama! Congrats for sticking with it! It always feels rewarding when you endure to the end!