Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well, Monday is here. The beautiful weekend weather is still going strong. So tonight for FHE we are doing yard work. Erick will finish mowing the lawn( it takes a solid block of about 3 hours, or broken down by a couple days). and I will trim more bushes. If I remember, I will ad a before and after photo of the bushes. They are crazy out of control. Yardwork is the one thing we forgot to consider in our homebuying. I enjoy yardwork and I think Erick does too, but we definitley prefer to get it done and over with eventually.

As I continue my year of change and progress I have found I get more done around the house when I have lists and goals. This week I need to:
1. laundry
2. clean up bathrooms
3. have kids organize play room
4. start to organize for garage sale
5. Work on wallpaper in bathroom

Oh and scroll down to see which Superhero I am, then take your own quiz and let me know who you really are!


Stephanie said...

Yard work blah. Actually I like planting things I just can't remember to water them. I think we are the only yard in our neighborhood that has dandelions. We are such slackers.

Becca said...

we totally have dandilions. our neighbor is like, totally OCD about his yard. drives me nuts. then they sit in their driveway and their view is our giant, lame, ugly back yard...