Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok, so I love to scrapbook. So do both of my sisters. This is something fun the 3 of us can share... Victoria and I in person... Lucy in spirit from Fort Meade. Lucy introduced me to a fun website. Follow the link and you can see page layouts I have completed. I am not the best, but I really enjoy it and find it to be a total stress reliever... and of course all expenses are justified as this is family history after all.

I dont know if that will hyperlink... you might have to cut and paste.


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Stephanie said...

Those pages are very creative! I really need to do something with all the pictures I have stored on my computer. Unfortunately scrapbooking makes me go crazy in the head! I visualize great ideas and then they turn out less than par. I just couldn't take the disappointment anymore. Even though Tami had a scrapbook party where you framed your childs name or your last name. It looked really fun!