Thursday, April 26, 2007


Welcome to the House of Henrie! So here it is! The one stop henrie shop. Check it out whenever you want and I am sure there will be something new all the time. Leave your comments if you wish! Here is whats up for now...

Erick is working hard. He has had to put in some extra hours but thats ok because then he gets some time off too. Jed is finishing out his 1st year of preschool in a few short weeks. He goes to school for speech therapy and is doing very well. He rides the bus! So cute. Ella is changing fast. She wont be 3 until October but we are seeing many changes in her. She is our wild one. Luke is our sweet baby... only he is no longer a baby. He can walk... I forgot to tell Erick that he actually ran yesterday! That was so cute! I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking and card making. I am really enjoying it. Is your birthday coming up? If so, a card may be on the way to you. You never know.

If you check our blog, give us a shout out so we know you were here... have a funny day!!

Question of the Day? What is your favorite TV show from the 80's?


Stephanie said...

Love the Blog! I want to see a picture of the new you. A couple families in the ward are also doing Body for Life.

Favorite show from the 80's would have to be Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron was eye candy back in the day.

Oh my birthday is July 28th and I like cards that are green in the inside.

Becca said...

lol, i will put your bday requests on my calendar... oooh Kirk, yummy!! I think my favorite was Who's the Boss. Tony Danza is a pop ICON!

Erick said...

I like bubble gum.

The place looks great, it is kind of inspiring me to do a page on already chewed bubble gum, I mean, think about it, it's already been chewed so you know people liked it.

Kidding, looks good hun, you make me proud, now go forth into the world wide web and blog.

Erick said...

Opps I forgot favorite show from the 80's

Who's the Boss
Golden Girls (No need to comment)
Battlestar Galactica (The Original)
Spiderman and his amazing friends
Small Wonder (The kid grew up to be the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins)
Punky Brewster

Man I could go on and on