Wednesday, May 2, 2007

American Idol

ok, so I love American Idol this season I have to admit. This week was rock week with Bon Jovi! He is cool! Now it is Wednesday, which means someone is going home...only this week 2 people are going home. I am really enjoying the varity of talent this season and I am not sure who will go home or even who I want to go home. Here are some thoughts.

Phil - I like Phil. He wont win, he might go home this week, but I think he will get a country record. I like his personality. He seems normal!

Lakesha - She impressed me last night. She was better than she has been. I think she is safe.

Jordan - Not a great performance, but she did ok. She is too tall to stand between two short guys... she looked like a giant. But she wont go home.

Blake - He is cool. He might make the top 2. He did a good job, I liked his verson of the song a lot.

Chris - He is ok, but he will go home this week with Phil I think. I dont think he did great.

Melinda - She is definitly great, but Im not 100% convinced she will win, she is very good though and will have a great career.

I think at this point, Chris and Phil are in trouble. Things are getting good!!


Stephanie said...

I also think Chris and Phil will go home. I love Blake and think his song last night was off the chain! I think Melinda is a great singer but I would never buy her album and same with Lakesha. Jordin is cute and I also think she has a great voice. I predict that Melinda and Blake will be the final two.

Becca said...

ok, honestly steph, what did you think of sanjaya... soooo annoying that whole drama... gag me.