Monday, May 28, 2007

My 12 Favorite things... CMK Challenge

Thanks for this idea...

1. A great nights sleep
2. My kids playing together... happily.
3. Quality time alone with my husband.
4. Making Erick laugh out loud.
5. Feeling Energetic.
6. Waking up to a clean kitchen.
7. Having a sense of accomplishment.
8. Reading on a rainy, cool day guilt-free.
9. watching my babies sleep.
10.a great phone call with a close friend or sister.
11.finishing a layout and feeling like I actually like it.
12.watching little Luke explore his world.


Scrapworthy said...

Great list!

stefani said...

8. Reading on a rainy, cool day guilt-free.

I really really like this one too! :)

Thanks for taking the challenge. :)

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Love the list even though I feel like making a list of my least favorite things (I would need more than 12 though).

creasa said...

These are great. I totally agree about the rainy day one!