Friday, May 11, 2007

The Office

So The Office was on last night. Another super sized episode. So cool. This week was beach day. I loved this episode for the sole reason that Pam actually stepped up and said what was on her mind finally!!! What a relief. I was very proud of her.

So on to other things. Jed got a tummy ache last night. was up a lot crying. He of course "got sick" which was nice. Now today I cant get him to rest. So far he has stood on his head numerous times, fallen off the couch, and rough housed with Luke. He seems fine... but I have made that assumption in the past and had it backfire. So needless to say, Erick and I are a little tired today. Alas, sleep deprivation is clearly my trial in motherhood!! That is ok... I am becoming tolerant of being a zombie!

Yesterday I walked Jed to school... it was like, 80 degrees... maybe that was the problem... poor kid. its a nice walk, but a little long for a 4 yr old. I also had an IEP meeting with his speech therapist. Jed does not qualify for the speech PALS preschool class next fall. Bummer. He loves it. He has done too well and will only need speech therapy for 30 minutes once a month next fall. So now I need to preschool hunt I think. hmm...


Stephanie said...

Eva's preschool has openings! That's so awesome that Jed has been doing well with speech. So where will he go now for his 30 minute lessons?

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

I LOVED the office last night too...I was SO MAD that my DVR cut it off short, when it went to commercial after Pan spoke her peace it cut off. I read on the office website that it just showed a little blurb of them riding on the the bus after that.