Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A day in the life of a PingPongMom

Ok, before watching this clip, a couple things. Erick made this for me one day when I was working at Linens N Things. There is a typo on the intro, it says husband, and it should be wife. But thats ok as I have many roles. Also, because it's a little to understand, Erick says two phrases and it helps to know what they are beforehand. The first one he says in slow-mo is "You need to plan a schedule!" the second one is, "I'm right and you're wrong!" This is playing on Erick's suggestions about how I should go about my day!! So enjoy and I would love to know what you think. This clip delights me to no end, over and over.
Thanks for checking it out!!


Stephanie said...

That was intense. I really liked the part were Erick called you his husband. The video was very enjoyable!

Anna said...

I am LOVING that! And it gives me great relief that my household isn't the only that looks that that! Isn't life crazy....and wonderful of course with all these young 'uns! Thanks for sharing, Becca!

Dustanne said...

that was great....really cute.